May 18 – 29
September 7 - 18

12 days / 11 nights


This amazing program offers  you the opportunity to get to know the three different geographical zones in Peru, the coast, the highlands and the Amazon Rain Forest. On the one hand you will see a variety of beautiful landscapes and natural sceneries like desert landscapes, interspersed by fertile river valleys, cloud forest with lush vegetation and the third highest waterfall on earth. On the other hand you will get a complete overview of the most important prehispanic cultures of the Peruvian north. You will get to know the fascinating kingdoms of the Moches, Chimus, Chachapoyas and Lambayeques and besides you will also see some examples of magnificent monuments of the Spanish colonial heritage in the cities of Trujillo and Cajamarca.

It´s the perfect combination of archaeologoy, culture and nature.



Day 1 LIMA / TRUJILLO  / Huaca de la Luna  / CHAN CHAN / HUANCHACO
Morning flight to Trujillo and transfer to your hotel.  Trujillo,  today the 3rd largest city of Peru and called the “City of Eternal Spring”, was founded in 1534 by order of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro and still maintains a colonial atmosphere. Before lunch we visit the Huaca de la Luna – the religious centre of the Moche Culture where archaeologists are excavating beautiful friezes and wall paintings.  In the afternoon we continue on to Chan Chan, the largest adobe citadel in the world and former capital of the Chimu Empire. Then  we stroll along Huanchaco beach to admire the traditional reed boats known as “Caballitos de Totora” used by local fishermen  in the same way as their Moche and Chimu ancestors. Overnight in Trujillo at Hotel Los Conquistadores


After breakfast we begin the city tour which includes Trujillo´s magnificent Main Square with its cathedral from the 17th century, ornate colonial mansions and the archaeological museum, which offers a collection of  archaeological finds from all  the different  pre-Colombian cultures of the Northern Peruvian coast.
In the mid morning we will board our vehicle which takes us through desert landscapes, interspersed by fertile river valleys with expansive suger cane and  rice fields and we reach Chiclayo 3 hours later. In the afternoon we visit the Túcume Pyramids with the impressive temple Huaca Larga, the largest adobe building in the world ( approx. 2300 ft long ).  The Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl of Kon-Tiki fame, explored these pyramids which revealed burial sites with textiles, Incan figurines and paintings. In the local museum managed by the inhabitants of the area, you will appreciate a realistic depiction of how people lived here 1000 years ago. Overnight in Chiclayo at Hotel Inti


In the morning we depart from Chiclayo to the famous archaeological site of Huaca Rajada close to the village of Sipan, where the amazing  treasures of the Lord of Sipan  were found in 1987 by the Peruvian archaeologist Dr.Walter Alva. Then, in Lambayeque, we visit the excellent Museum of the Royal Tombs - a real highlight of this tour. Hundreds of gold, silver and ceramic treasures of the Lord of Sipan and other important Moche governors discovered at the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada are exhibited in what is considered the most impressive archaeological museum of Peru.
Hotel Inti


Day 4  CHICLAYO / CAJAMARCA  - City Tour
After breakfast we travel with our private vehicle  to the Andean city of Cajamarca, 2,750 meters (9,000 ft.) above sea level. Cajamarca is most famous for being the place of first contact between the Spanish conquistadores and the Inca Civilization. Here Francisco Pizarro captured Atahualpa, the last of the independent Inca leaders, and imprisoned and executed him. The afternoon city tour includes the picturesque Main Square, the Cathedral, the San Francisco and Belén Churches with their splendid 17th century facades, and the famous ‘Ransom Room’ which was filled with gold and silver to save the last Inka king Atahualpa. From the Santa Apolonia hill you have a magnificent panoramic view of the town and the fertile, green valley surrounding it. Hotel Los Pinos Inn


Morning visit to Cumbemayo (3,500 metres/10,600 feet above sea level). Towering rock formations ("Los Frailones") house archaeological sites which include petroglyphs, grottos and a spectacular pre-Inca aqueduct carved in the rock; unique in South America. Afterwards we drive on to the Inca baths ( Los Baños del Inca ) to benefit from the healing properties of the variety of minerals contained in the thermal springs there. Then we visit the Ventanillas de Otuzco,  an archaeological site of the ancient pre-Inca Cajamarca Civilization, where you can admire impressive carved tombs in the rock cliffs in the hills.
Hotel Los Pinos Inn


After breakfast we begin a thrilling drive towards Celendín and Balsas to Leymebamba, crossing two cordilleras and several different habitats, such as cloud forest, agricultural land, desert-like areas and the Marañon Canyon. The journey is one of Perus most spectacular itineraries. We will arrive in the afternoon in Leymebamba and stay overnight at the Hostal La Joya.


The Department of Amazonas, which includes Chachapoyas and the ancient walled city of Kuelap, is where the main trunk Amazon River violently carves out a valley in the Andes, deeper than the Grand Canyon. This is the land of the cloud people or Chachapoyans who live in the cloud forest high in the Andes overlooking the Amazon Basin, hidden in a perpetual mist with orchids and bromeliads everywhere.
After breakfast we will visit the Museum Centro Mallqui inaugurated in June 2000; there are displayed about 200 Chachapoyas mummies and their burial offerings discovered and recovered in 1997 from the Laguna de Los Cóndores, a mysterious little lake situated in this district. Once at risk from looters and vandals, today this valuable collection is housed in this magnificent museum. Then you can enjoy an excursion to  the colourful funeral buildings of Revash perched on a edge up high on a cliff. In the afternoon we take off to Chachapoyas, the capital of the Amazonas Department to stay overnight.
Hotel La Xalca


After breakfast you will visit the Kuelap Fortress, a spectacular pre-Inca walled city hidden atop a precipitous mountain 3000 masl. Kuelap was discovered 60 years before Machu Picchu and was built in the 9 th century AD by the Chachapoyas culture. The citadel covers an area of about 14 acres with some 420 circular buildings that include a watchtower and a castle. The buildings have rhomboid friezes and vaulted niches in the walls A narrow walled tunnel-like passageways lead into the interior, strategically built to prevent invaders from entering.
Recent amazing discoveries in nearby areas that relate to Kuelap and to its history have captured the attention of archaeologists, international magazines and film companies. Following our visit to Kuelap, we will drive back to Chachapoyas.
Hotel La Xalca


Early in the morning we leave Chachapoyas and visit the Karajía sarcophagi,
48 km northeast of Chachapoyas. These baked mud caskets are 2 m long, with flat, broad faces and decorated with geometric figures. They are strategically located at the top of a limey rock crest. Then we drive to the spectacular Gocta Waterfall, with 771 meters the third highest in the world and discovered only 10 years ago by German explorer Stefan Ziemendorff. In a 3 hours trek you can see a pristine cloud forest scenery with a variety of plants, hummingbirds, toucans, monkeys and butterflies. We will stay overnight at the lovely Gocta Lodge.


In the morning we drive to the airport of Chachapoyas in order to take a flight to Tarapoto. In the afternoon we drive to Lamas, located 21 km from Tarapoto. Lamas is one of the oldest cities of the Peruvian jungle, founded in 1656 by the Spanish Conquistadores. The native community in this area has preserved intact a wide variety of ancestral rituals despite the passage of time. In the early evening we arrive at the paradisiac tropical hotel Rio Shilcayo in Tarapoto


Tarapoto is the largest city of the Department of San Martin, 350 metres above sea level and has a hot tropical climate  You can spend the whole day enjoying the fabulous facilities of the hotel, especially the tropical garden with its big swimming pool.
Hotel Rio Shilcayo


In the morning of the last day of this diversified tour we will go to the lovely  Ahuashiyaku waterfall just 14 km in the outskirts of Tarapoto. There is a lush vegetation and you can observe a variety of butterflies, birds and insects. We return to the hotel and afterwards we transfer you to the airport for the flight back to Lima.


Price in USD per person  ( double room ) 1.990,-
Minimum 4 persons


  • 11 overnight stays in 3* hotels with breakfast
  •  English speaking guides for all visits
  • Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites
  • Private transportation
  • Transfers on arrival and departure
  • Airline tickets Lima-Trujillo, Chachapoyas-Tarapoto and Tarapoto-Lima.
SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: Meals ( lunch, dinner ), beverages, tips, insurance.

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