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Tour 1: Cerro Campana   ( 1 day )

Cerro Campana ecological reserve is a hill, located 15 km north of Trujillo at an altitude of 995 meters. This reserve is a shelter for more than 220 species of native flora and rare wildlife, mainly comprised of liliaceous and cactaceous plants, squirrels, lizards, foxes, birds  and snails. During the 6 – 8 hour trekking tour you will cross different climatic zones and ecosystems from dry desert to humid areas with lush vegetation.


Tour 2: Puerto Chicama – Isla de Macabí  - El Brujo  ( 1 day )

This 1 day-tour offers  a varied program; a beautiful beach,  a place  surfers come from all over the world because of the largest left-hand wave on earth, a spectacular boat trip to the Macabí islands, where you can observe abundant marine fauna and finally  a visit to the  archaeological complex “El Brujo”, famous since the discovery of “The lady of Cao” in 2005,  a tattooed mummy, considered the  first proven female governor of the Mochica culture 1700 years ago.    

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Situated 75 km  northwest of Trujillo, these sunny and windy beaches are a favorite area for surf lovers, since its left wave is considered the largest in the world. The port, formerly known as Malabrigo, was, during the Colonial times, the point where slaves brought from Africa would disembark and  proceed to work in the Peruvian suger cane haciendas.  Today Puerto Chicama is  a little  fishing village with some nice hostals and good local cuisine.

The Macabí island is located close to  Puerto Chicama and you get there in about 1 ½
hours by boat. Macabí consists of 2 tiny islands ( North and South island ), where you can observe an amazing fauna with sea lions, penguins, pelicans, seagulls etc. and sometimes also cachalots ( sperm whales )

The archaeological complex “El Brujo” ( The wizard ) is located near the village of Magdalena de Cao, in the Chicama Valley, 60 km north of Trujillo This is one of the most important archaeological sites on Peru's north coast, because it was built during a lengthy period comprising of many civilizations which began in the pre-Ceramic era, in other words, 5,000 years ago. El Brujo consists of three large buildings: the ancient Huaca Prieta, Huaca Cortada and Huaca Cao Viejo, belonging to the Mochica Culture, which features embossed figures and murals. The most famous image is the “Decapitator”, which symbolizes the main divinity of the Moches, Ai-Aepaec. The Lady of Cao, discovered there in Huaca Cao Viejo ,  was buried 1,700 years ago.  It is a well-preserved tattooed mummy of a young woman, whose discovery amazed the world and it was the first evidence of a female governor during the Moche period . She was found with necklaces, nose rings, earrings, and other ornamental artifacts, indicating she was an important person in the Moche culture. 


Tour 3: Otuzco -  Huamachuco – Markahuamachuco – Wiracochapampa –   Sausacocha -Yanasara    ( 3 days )

During this 3-day tour across the highlands of the La Libertad department you will  get to know some interesting Colonial towns and pre-hispanic archaeological sites and also a variety of beautiful natural sceneries with lakes and thermal springs.

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Otuzco lies 72 km northeast of Trujillo, at a height of 2,632 meters. It is home to one of the most important religious celebrations in northern Peru. Nearly 20,000 followers turn up each December, to worship the image of “La virgen de la Puerta” ( Our Lady of the Gate ), the town's patron since 1664. This province is also important due to its production of potatoes, corn and cereals, and for its typical dishes, such as ham with yucca, fried guinea pig, suckling pig and chicha de jora (a typical drink of fermented corn).

Huamachuco is a beautiful Andean town, with a large square, located 184 km east of Trujillo at an altitude of 3160 meters. One can visit the archaeological complexes of Markahuamachuco and Wiracochapampa, the Yanasara hot springs and the Sausacocha lake.

Markahuamachuco is about  ten kilometers from Huamachuco. This impressive archaeological site is located at an altitude of 3750 meters and features several periods of occupation between 400 and 1000 AD by the Wamachuko civilization.. Its stone walls, circular towers, more than 10 meters high, and other constructions rise over a 5 km2 plateau with hazardous abysses.

Wiracochapampa archaeological site is located on a plain only 3 km north of the city of Huamachuco at  a height of 3070 meters. At this fortress, which  was built by the Huari culture between 650 and 750 AD,  the performance of the Waman Raymi or Hawk´s party, that recreats the legend of the origin of the kingdom of the Wamachuko culture, takes place on every first Sunday in August. According to ongoing investigations, this site was abandoned without being completed, as shown by some unfinished walls and rooms that have cleary never been inhabited.

From Huamachuco, be sure to make the trip to the Yanasara hot springs ( 18 km ) and to Sausacocha lake. Sausacocha is a lovely little lake located 12 km  from Huamachuco. It´s an ideal place to walk or rent a boat, explore the surroundings and to eat  delicious trout.
At Yanasara, there is good accomodation in a church/monastery compound, and the valley is worth staying in for several days. The trip to Yanasara is breathtaking in parts.


Tour 4: Cascas   ( 2 days )

During this 2-day trip to the province of Gran Chimú, situated about 100 km north east of Trujillo, the visitor will enjoy beautiful landscapes with pleasant mild temperatures, a unique private  reserve ( Bosque de Cachil ) among other natural sceneries and the local wines of this region.

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Cascas, the  capital of the Province of Gran Chimú, located 103 km northeast of the City of Trujillo at an altidtude of 1233 meters,  is mainly known for its large vineyards and its pleasant, subtropical climate. There are several interesting options of excursions in the nearby surroundings of this unknown but amazing region, like Mirador de Chunkazon, Cristo de la Roca, Árbol de las 1000 raíces, Cuevas de Chepate, Pozo del diablo  and  Bosque de Cachil and you can visit some wineries in Cascas to  sample the different wines.



Tour 5: San José de Moro - Cañoncillo – Pacasmayo – San Pedro de Lloc   ( 1 day )

This varied 1-day program includes the important archaeological Moche site of San José de Moro, the marvellous dry forest reserve of Cañoncillo, the small town of San Pedro de Lloc with the museum of the famous Italian naturalist Antonio Raimondi and the lovely port and beach resort Pacasmayo, where you can enjoy excellent sea food and observe surfers from the long pier.

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San José de Moro is a small village some 110 km nortwest of Trujillo. There is one of the most important cemeteries and ceremonial centers of the Mochica culture and subsequent civilizations. In 1991, a group of archaeologists began to excavate at San José de Moro. One of the most outstanding discoveries of the San Jose de Moro Archaeological Program (SJMAP) has been the famous tombs of the Mochica priestesses. Tombs with  funeral objects and architectural evidence of these cultures are still buried at the site.

Cañoncillo Forest is located in the District of San Pedro de Lloc, on the left bank of the Jequetepeque River, this paradise of a reserve forms part of the dry forest ecosystem of Peru. Its 1310 hectares  include 3 lagoons ( in one of them it´s possible to swim ), dunes, mild slopes, plains, and a forest of carob trees. There are also some archaeological remains of pre-hispanic cultures.

San Pedro de Lloc is a small town 102 km north west of Trujillo. The Antonio Raimondi House and Museum is a colonial house inhabited in the nineteenth century by the Italian naturalist Antonio Raimondi; there is a room in which the life and work of this scientist is shown through an amusing and interactive exhibition.

Pacasmayo  is a port and beach resort, located 106 km north west of Trujillo. It has a very long pier built in the 19th century, which was used as the main embarkation point for shipping tobacco and sugar cane. Today, Pacasmayo features attractive Colonial architecture, delicious food and excellent surfing conditions


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